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ATS Company:  Comecer
Requisition ID:  6496

Joure, FR, NL, 8501 XC

Date:  Jul 16, 2022

IT Support Specialist

Job Details

Job Title: IT Support Specialist
Location: Netherlands, Joure
Reporting to: IT & communication manager in Italy

About the Company

Comecer Netherlands BV in Joure develops, assembles and sells innovative equipment and software for Pharmaceutical manufacturing companies and for Nuclear Medicine departments in hospitals and industry. Comecer Netherlands BV is part of Comecer, which is an ATS Automation company. Our products are sold worldwide.


We are searching for a new IT Support Specialist who will:
•    Perform data backups and disaster recovery operations.
•    Maintain and administer computer networks and related computing environments, including computer hardware, systems software, applications software.
•    Train people in computer system use.
•    Plan, coordinate, and implement network security measures in order to protect data, software and hardware.
•    Operate master consoles in order to monitor the performance of computer systems and networks and to coordinate computer network access and use.
•    Perform routine network startup and shutdown procedures and maintain control records.
•    Design, configure, and test computer hardware, networking software and operating system software.


•    Recommend changes to improve systems and network configurations and determine hardware or software requirements related to such changes.
•    Load computer tapes and disks and install software and printer paper or forms.
•    Gather data pertaining to customer needs and use the information to identify, predict, interpret and evaluate system and network requirements.
•    Analyze equipment performance records in order to determine the need for repair or replacement.
•    Maintain an inventory of parts for emergency repairs.
•    Coordinate with vendors in order to facilitate purchases.
•    Coordinate with IT HQ for apply group policy standard into the subsidiary
•    Create IT local documentation for IT and Users purpose

Desired Skills and Experience

•    IT and technical skills
•    Problem solving skills
•    Interpersonal skills
•    Enthusiasm 
•    Excellent Team working skills
•    Initiative
•    Accurate, social

Qualifications and / or Experience Required

•    MBO niveau 4 in ICT
•    Ervaring in een vergelijkbare rol
•    Een goede beheersing van de Nederlandse en Engelse taal

What We Offer

•    A challenging, varied and responsible job in a nice atmosphere with highly motivated colleagues
•    A competitive salary and growth opportunities.

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