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ATS Company:  PA Solutions
Requisition ID:  6786

Warren, MI, US, 48091

Date:  Jun 22, 2022

Software Design Engineer

Job Description

The candidate must be able to work in a professional engineering team-based environment. Engineering teams are responsible for the design and integration of control systems for customer applications and processes. Duties may include and are not limited to PLC and HMI programming, network design, system commissioning, system support, internal/external training, and technical consultation. 

Candidates must also possess the following traits:

    Logical thinker
    Problem solver
    Organized and detailed oriented
    Strong verbal and written communication skills 
    Self-motivated
    Strong leadership skills
    Team player
    Innovative regarding new processes 
    Budget and deadline aware
    Quality focused
    Must be willing to travel, work long hours, and various shifts as required
    Work in compliance with divisional health, safety, and environmental procedures

Specific Responsibilities

The following lists are general responsibilities that may vary from customer to customer. 


Design and program PLC controlled systems utilizing multiple software suites:
    Rockwell – Studio5000, RSLogix, RSLinx, RSNetworx
    Siemens – TIA Portal V13, Step 7
    Mitsubishi – GX Developer
    Omron – CX One
    Pilz – PSS Win-Pro


Design and configure HMIs utilizing multiple software suites:
    Rockwell – RSLinx, RSNetworx, RSView ME/SE, FactoryTalk View ME/SE
    Siemens – TIA Portal Comfort, TIA Portal Advanced, WinCC Flexible, WinCC SCADA
    Mitsubishi – GT Designer
    Omron – CX One
    Pilz – PSS Win-Pro
    Integra Designer Pro
    Ignition

Industrial Communication

Design, configuration, setup, troubleshooting and protocol analysis of the following interfaces:

Rockwell-Allen Bradley
    Ethernet-IP
    Produced/Consumed model
    CIP messaging
    RPI
    Generic Ethernet Module
    Add-On-Profiles
    Baud rate and effects on network lengths and number of nodes
    Routing, critical distances, drop lengths, terminations, etc.
    Proper bonding and grounding concepts.
    Using test equipment
    Scheduling
    Routing, critical distances, drop lengths, terminations, etc.


    Naming
    Node limitations
    PN/PN
    Network testing
    Protocol testing
    Naming
    Node limitations
    DP/DP
    Network testing
    Protocol testing


Safety Bus 
    Design and configuration
    Routing, critical distances, drop lengths, terminations, etc.
    Using test equipment

General Networking

Ethernet troubleshooting and design of various hardware types and configurations.

Additional Information

    Network couplers configuration
    TCP/IP telegrams
    Routers
    Learned address table
    Gateways
    Switch configurations
    Managed 
    Unmanaged
    Cut-Through mode
    Store and Forward mode
    Fragment Free mode
    Firewall configurations – various
    IT – port level
    Standalone hardware – in panel design
    Network management and segmenting
    IP addressing
    OSI model layers
    Network Masks
    Topology design
    Star
    Linear
    Ring

Advanced Programming Languages

May not be required in daily activities, but are useful for programming theory

    Visual Basic
    C #
    C ++
    Delphi
    Python
    Java
    XML/HTML 

Customer Specifications and Standards

FCA (CArS- Controls Architecture Standard)
    Rockwell
    Siemens
    Template Library
    FIS

Mercedes (Integra Standard)
    Rockwell
    Siemens
    iDPro Template Library
    Quality Check Tools
    ISI Save and Archiving
    Integra View Reporting

    Rockwell
    Siemens
    Ignition
    Template Library

    VOSS
    Next Gen Standards
    Legacy Standards
    FIS-PC Boards

    Global Controls Common Hardware (GCCH-1)
    Global Controls Common Software (GCCS-1 & 2)
    Standard Software Tools
    Logic Checker
    Global Error Proofing (GEP)
    Station Error Proofing (SCP)
    Pallet/conveyor RFID tag data and mapping

General customer design, integration, and buyoff requirements
    Robot - PLC Interlocks
    PLC to PLC Interlocks
    Logic design checklists
    Safety PLC programming guidelines
    Ethernet calculator
    Logic validation tools
    Virtual PLC simulation
    Request for wiring diagrams (RWD)
    Logic generator 
    Message extractor
    Model/Part scheduling
    Emulation group approval
    HMI/FIS Message extractor
    Launch Technician Verification
    Control reliability testing

Education and HSE

Education and Experience:

    Bachelor’s degree in a controls related field (Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science or equivalent)
    Three to Seven years of applicable experience in an industrial environment that includes design, debug, startup, and production-readying of industrial controls equipment 

Responsibilities for Health, Safety and Environment include:

    Work in compliance with divisional health, safety, and environmental procedures
    Refrain from removing or altering safety devices or guarding unless hazardous energies are controlled through lockout-tagout methods
    Report any unsafe conditions or unsafe acts 
    Report defect in any equipment or protective device
    Ensure that the required protective equipment is used for the assigned tasks
    Attend all required health, safety, and environmental training
    Report any accidents/incidents to supervisor
    Assist in investigating accidents/incidents
    Refrain from engaging in any prank, contest, feat of strength, unnecessary running, or rough and boisterous conduct

Nearest Major Market: Warren
Nearest Secondary Market: Detroit

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