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ATS Company:  ATS Automation Tooling Systems
Requisition ID:  6513

Cambridge, ON, CA, N3H 4R7

Date:  May 13, 2022

Software Developer

Job Description

As a key contributor within the Innovation division, you will be working on technically innovative solutions for our world-class products in the automation industry.
Specifically, you will focus on our Smart Conveyance technology, which includes SuperTrak GEN3™, SuperTrak MICRO™, and accompanying TrakMaster™ software. These mechatronics products require real-time controls, configuration and diagnostic tools, simulation software and tight integration with robotic assembly lines. 
This technology maximizes throughput, minimizes footprint, and introduces less risk to our customers’ automation processes. We service multiple critical industries including medical, food and beverage, automotive, and consumer products.
In this role you will work closely with fellow team members, project managers, product owners, testers, control systems integrators and end users to develop and evolve an impressive product. You will work both individually and as part of a small development team.

•    Lead innovation-focused research and development projects and strategies.
•    Utilize a systematic and logical problem-solving approach to deliver innovative solutions.
•    Collaborate effectively with team members by seeking and offering mentorship, and balancing self-learning with accepting help from others.
•    Take ownership of work throughout the software development lifecycle.
•    Engage in complex technical challenges and demonstrate leadership to peers and customers.
•    Contribute to agile meetings, brainstorm hard problems and be willing to step in when a challenge needs all-hands-on-deck.
•    Improve standard practices and workflow efficiency by embracing a continuous improvement mindset.
•    Analyze and discover potential intellectual property opportunities.

Software Development
•    Perform software development as part of a team including gathering user requirements, software design, programming, testing, documentation, release, and maintenance. 
•    Contribute to major software release plans that align with the technology roadmap.
•    Understand, follow, and contribute to software design and programming standards.
•    Accept and provide constructive feedback during the code review process.
•    Provide occasional support for both internal and external customers.

Additional Information

•    A post-secondary engineering or computer science degree, diploma or equivalent with emphasis on software design and development.


•    Development experience in an object-oriented language (C#/C++ preferred).
•    Familiarity with issue-tracking and version-control systems.
•    Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.
•    Works well both individually and within a team.

•    .NET / WinForms development.
•    Embedded development.
•    Exposure to and/or understanding of automation, mechanical, electrical and control systems.
•    Experience with real-time controls and/or PLCs.
•    Experience with OPC and/or industrial networks.

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