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Società ATS:  Comecer
ID richiesta:  12024

Indianapolis, IN, US, 46250

Data:  9 mag 2024

Nuclear Medicine Area Sales Manager

Job Overview

As a Nuclear Medicine Area Sales Manager, your primary responsibility will be to drive the sales of specialized equipment used in the delivery of radiopharmaceutical treatments for the Hospital Markets in North America. This role involves building and maintaining strong relationships with nuclear medicine hospital and healthcare facilities, companies, and research institutions. Your goal is to understand their unique needs, present tailored solutions, and ultimately contribute to the growth of the company's market share in the radiopharmaceutical equipment sector.

LOCATION: The person in this role can be located anywhere East of the Mississippi - New England, East Coast, Southeast, MidWest

Key Responsibilities:

Market Research and Analysis:

•    Stay informed about industry trends, market dynamics, and competitors to identify new opportunities.
•    Conduct market research to understand the needs and preferences of potential customers.

Sales Strategy Development:

•    Develop and implement effective sales strategies to achieve revenue targets.
•    Collaborate with the marketing team to create promotional materials and campaigns.

Client Relationship Management:

•    Build and maintain strong relationships with key decision-makers in hospital and nuclear medicine, pharmaceutical companies, and research institutions.
•    Conduct regular meetings and presentations to update clients on product offerings and address their concerns.

Product Knowledge:

•    Develop an in-depth understanding of the company's radiopharmaceutical equipment and stay updated on advancements in the field.
•    Effectively communicate technical details and benefits of the equipment to potential clients.

Sales Presentations:

•    Deliver compelling presentations and demonstrations to showcase the features and benefits of the equipment.
•    Address client queries and concerns, providing accurate and timely information.

Customer Support:

•    Work cross-functionally with service team to provide ongoing support to clients, ensuring their satisfaction with the equipment and addressing any issues promptly.
•    Collaborate with the customer support team to resolve technical or service-related issues.


•    Maintain detailed records of sales activities, including client interactions, sales calls, and progress towards targets.
•    Generate regular reports for management to assess performance and identify areas for improvement.


•    Bachelor's degree in a relevant field (e.g., Chemistry, Biochemistry, Engineering, or Business).
•    Proven experience in sales, preferably in the hospital, healthcare, pharmaceutical, or scientific equipment industry.
•    Strong technical aptitude and the ability to understand complex scientific and engineering concepts.
•    Excellent communication, presentation, and negotiation skills.
•    Ability to work independently and collaboratively as part of a sales team.
•    Willingness to travel as needed to meet with clients and attend industry events.
•    This role requires a combination of technical knowledge, sales skills, and relationship-building abilities to successfully promote and sell radiopharmaceutical equipment.

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