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ATS Company:  ATS Automation Tooling Systems
Requisition ID:  4683

Cambridge, ON, CA, N3H 4R7

Date:  Sep 15, 2021

Nuclear Services Specialist

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The role of the Nuclear Services Specialist is to support the operation and maintenance of specialized CANDU nuclear service tooling to ensure its availability, reliability and performance on reactor. As part of a dedicated Nuclear Services Team, the Nuclear Services Specialist must be knowledgeable in nuclear service tool design and their operation and maintenance in radioactive environments. Specialized nuclear service tooling includes systems such as:


•    Reactor Inspection and Maintenance Tools and Delivery Systems
•    Reactor Refurbishment Removal and Installation Tooling
•    Reactor Single Fuel Channel Replacement Tooling


The Nuclear Services Specialist is responsible for development of maintenance and test procedures, troubleshooting, management of spare parts, servicing and testing of nuclear service tools. This includes the setup and management of Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) licensed nuclear maintenance facilities, maintenance tooling, calibrated tools/devices and other jigs, fixtures and mock-ups used to maintain and test nuclear service tooling.


Reporting to the Nuclear Services Director, the Nuclear Services Specialist assists with planning and reporting of maintenance operations to respective clients. This includes the maintenance of service records for the equipment and tracking its current condition. The ability to work effectively with engineering and technical services personnel from the client’s organization and other nuclear service organizations is essential. 


The Nuclear Services Specialist will occasionally provide technical support for nuclear service tooling on an “as-required basis” at licensed nuclear reactor sites in Ontario, including the Bruce County, Pickering, Darlington and Chalk River.  


The Nuclear Services Specialist’s specific duties include various combinations of the following, depending on the specific assigned role and work assignment:

Planning Functions

•    Setting up and laying out tasks and activities in a timeline/logic sequence for maintenance and testing operations
•    Outlining task logic and communicating activities in simplistic logic-based diagrams (such as on Visio)
•    Producing simple schedules for work to be performed (using Gantt charts, Visio, Excel, etc.)
•    Collaborating with other Team members in establishing timelines and task logic
•    Monitoring and reporting progress on the schedules, including reporting delays and the impact on the overall maintenance schedule
•    Advising the Nuclear Services Director when conflicts occur and assisting in resolution of any scheduling and manpower conflicts.
•    Assisting the Nuclear Services Director in preparation of Progress Reports
•    Identifying, scheduling and tracking procurement of critical long-lead items
•    Preparing estimates of overall maintenance costs 
•    Deriving performance measurements from Shift Logs 


Logistics Support 

•    Interfacing with the client’s Contract Supervisor and Fuel Channel Inspection and Maintenance (FCIM) Vendors 
•    Interfacing with nuclear maintenance facility contacts
•    Checking of training and qualifications of personnel assigned to work on nuclear service tooling
•    Supporting the shipping and receiving of contaminated equipment, including provision of shipping containers, unpacking/packing of tools and compliance with the radioactive shipping plans and procedures
•    The staging of equipment, parts, material and packages for the service vendors arriving to perform work.
•    Ensuring all tooling is ready and accounted for
•    Establishment of the offices, telecommunications, computers, internet service, project documentation/records and filing systems at nuclear maintenance facilities
•    Informing maintenance personnel of their mobilization dates, work locations, contact/supervisor (as identified by Nuclear Services Director), training schedule, and work/shift schedules
•    Supporting the Nuclear Services Director in preparing for the Readiness Reviews
•    Providing ongoing support for the delivery of additional tooling, equipment or personnel to site or to the nuclear maintenance facility
•    Turnover of completed checklists for all Deliverables to the Nuclear Services Director for review and acceptance and providing walk-downs as required
•    Development and updating of mobilization schedules

Procedures Development

•    Developing Maintenance, Inspection & Test Plans (MITP) in response to requested Scope of Work documents
•    Developing Maintenance Procedures, Detailed Work Instructions and Test Plans in preparation of tooling maintenance and testing operations 
•    Assisting with the assembly of Work Packages, and specifically the compilation of procedures, manuals and other documents prior to arrival of maintenance crews at the maintenance facility
•    Assisting the maintenance crews with resolving issues associated with maintenance and testing of nuclear service tools
•    Assisting with training of personnel with the operation of specialized nuclear service tools
•    Setup of controls, computer systems and cabling for tool testing and troubleshooting operations
Spare Parts Management

•    Managing the procurement, delivery and storage of spare parts and materials to maintain an adequate inventory
•    Determining reorder points and quantities for spare parts and materials 
•    Maintaining an updated spare parts inventory using ATS or other system, as required by the customer(including part location)
•    Preparation of spare parts kits to be shipped to site for FCIM outages and receiving and returning unused spare parts to the long-term storage location 
•    Assisting with the assembly of Work Packages, and specifically spare parts, materials and specialized tools prior to arrival of maintenance crews at the nuclear maintenance facility
•    Assisting the maintenance crews with resolving issues associated with spare parts, materials and specialized, calibrated maintenance tools


Maintenance Operations

•    Performing or participating in routine maintenance, troubleshooting and testing of nuclear service tools
•    Assisting with the staging and preparation of the facility work areas and mock-ups in preparation of the maintenance and testing operations
•    Assisting with the assembly of equipment, procedures, spare parts and maintenance tools prior to arrival of maintenance crews
•    Maintenance of the service equipment utilized to in maintenance (e.g. small machine shop equipment, etc. or the network-based equipment emulators)
•    Assisting the maintenance crews with resolving issues and providing a “runner” service for any missing tools, equipment, parts 
•    Assisting in the preparation of a recovery plan or the implementation of a troubleshooting plan when work begins to deviate from the plan
•    Facilitating the post-work clean up and maintenance of a work area and ensuring that all tools, equipment and unutilized parts/materials are returned to material inventory
•    Assisting with assessing, spares, procedures and site support as required

General Duties

•    Performing project management related roles, as required, when leading services jobs with customer deliverables.
•    Participating in MITP Kick-Off meetings and Pre-Job Briefings, as required. 
•    Participating in post-job reviews and lessons learned meetings on completion of maintenance operations, as required.
•    Seeking opportunities for continuous improvement of maintenance processes including cost reduction
•    Providing progress reports, including risks and recommended actions to eliminate or mitigate them
•    Providing site support to Bruce Power, Ontario Power Generation (OPG), Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) or other nuclear industry clients
•    Meet agreed-upon goals and objectives in a timely manner
•    Ensure that all business activities are performed with the highest ethical standards and in compliance with the ATS Code of Business Conduct.
•    Adhere to all health and safety rules and procedures.
•    Perform other duties as assigned.



An engineering degree or a post-secondary technology degree or diploma in mechanical technology, mechatronics, robotics, controls or industrial or manufacturing engineering or equivalent.



•    Various years of experience in maintenance of CANDU reactors and a practical working knowledge of nuclear service tooling. 
•    Specific experience with assembly and testing of nuclear service tooling 
•    Practical working knowledge of the Quality Systems, codes and standards associated with nuclear maintenance (CSA N285, CSA Z299, CSA N299) is required. 
•    Knowledge and experience with spare parts management and/or materials management is an asset. 
•    Working knowledge and experience using computer software applications, including Microsoft Office software.  
•    Demonstrated effective verbal and written communication skills are essential, as is the ability to work in a team environment (i.e. good interpersonal skills).
•    Project engineering and/or project management experience is an asset.


Other Requirements:

•    Will be required to be a Nuclear Energy Worker (NEW), as the work is performed on radioactively contaminated tools at CNSC-licensed facilities.
•    Will require Bruce Power, OPG and/or CNL security clearances to perform short-term assignments at their CNSC-licensed sites on an “as-required” basis. Ooccasional work at these temporary work headquarters is required.

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ATS is in compliance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disability Act (AODA), 2005 and will, upon request, assist those who may require specific accommodations due to a personal disability. We would ask that those who require assistance to notify our offices as soon as possible if accommodation is necessary.


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